Saturday, October 22, 2011

Episode 1125: Sophie's 21st!

Came down to London for the weekend because Sophie was celebrating her 21st. (Thanks for letting me crash at yours!) Thought I was going to miss the coach this morning, but it turned out to be nearly half an hour late anyway. All that speed walking for nothing! Got into London and made it to Bermondsey without incident, thankfully. Had to charge my handphone before heading to Oxfam Bloomsbury and Marylebone, as I usually do whenever I'm in London. Picked up some poetry and drama, and I'd have got even more poetry, except I couldn't have carried all of it back. If I'd brought a bigger bag, maybe I could have. Someone had donated a whole stack of review copies from Cinnamon Press! Really wanted to pick the lot up. Anyway, Sophie's birthday was at the interestingly named pub, The Defectors Weld. Got myself a Mojito, and I think I was the last person who managed to get a drink before the bar tab ran out. Just as well, cocktails cost £7.50 at this pub! Didn't stop me from buying a second Mojito later in the night, but it was nice to have had the first one for free, naturally. Didn't get to speak to Sophie much tonight, but it was great running into Dan as well when I first arrived.

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