Friday, October 28, 2011

Episode 1131: Earphones Broken (Again!)

The earphones that came with my iPod have finally broken down. Well, the right ear anyway. It still works if I bend the wire in certain ways, so that'll have to last until the earphones I ordered from Amazon UK arrive. I ordered the same Sennheiser CX 300 ones in the 'eco packaging' (which is actually really ingenious) that I got in my first year at Warwick, coincidentally around this time of the term too, give or take a couple of weeks. Anyway, I think today's EN974 seminar was when the bigger picture of the module finally clicked for me. Still glad that I'm not going to be writing the essay though! I do enjoy the ideas that get thrown up, and Thomas Docherty has a way of connecting them that makes their logic almost irresistible, but my own primary academic interests don't particularly lie in this area, which is quite densely philosophical at times, so I think I'd struggle with writing an essay for this module. I'm going to try and get some reading done tonight, for work and not for pleasure, if only because I'm feeling a bit guilty about not having done anything for my dissertation in ages. Not sure what I'll read, but it's probably going to be Carl A. Trocki's Singapore: Wealth, Power And The Culture Of Control. This isn't to preclude reading for pleasure, naturally, just that I won't let myself get around to that until I've read like a chapter or two of Trocki's.

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