Monday, October 24, 2011

Episode 1127: iOS5!

Rejection from the Oxfam anthology just came in. Finally. Some days, it just feels easier to be a reviewer/critic rather than a writer. It's easier to tell when you're getting things right as the former, at least that's what I think anyway. Received wisdom says that at this point, you're supposed to keep writing, but really, I think that calls for the sort of obstinate self-belief (self-delusion?) that I don't possess. (Of course, the irony is that I'm aware I'm only saying that because I haven't 'made it'. If I had, I'd probably be blithely dispensing similar advice. Everything's always rubbish until you're on the correct side of the fence, isn't it?) Anyway, since I'm being banal again and going on about petty (both senses of the word!) personal stuff, I'd like to mention that I did successfully update to iOS 5 on my iPhone after all. Had to leave it plugged in overnight because I've never done a full backup of my device contents before, but everything was good to go when I woke up. Just a few buttons pressed and everything was up and running. I must confess, I quite like this update. Plus I even reinstalled Facebook, at long last. Seems to work fine now, although people are still complaining in the iTunes Store, which leaves me wondering if the developers just didn't plan on making the latest version too backward compatible in the first place, and that's what's causing people so much grief.

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