Thursday, October 06, 2011

Episode 1109: Most Insane TV Show Ever?

Downloaded Connectify, so I've got WiFi in my room as long as my laptop is switched on. Borrowed a stack of books today, all from the list of recommendations Pablo Mukherjee added when he sent my proposal back. I've requested that the Library purchase Neil Lazarus's The Postcolonial Unconscious, but if they choose not to, I guess paying £17 to get my own copy isn't too pricey. Anyway, I've just watched the pilot of American Horror Story, and this show is gloriously insane. If you only ever knew Ryan Murphy as the creator of Glee, this should be an eye-opener for you. (To be fair, he created Nip/Tuck before Glee, and that show was pretty crazy too.) The show piles on so many horror tropes in under an hour that if it weren't done with such manic confidence, I think the whole show would simply collapse under the weight of all those clichés. It's too early to say if this show can ultimately deliver a satisfying conclusion, but hey, it looks like it'll be a wild ride. Incidentally, Dylan McDermott is a ridiculously well-preserved 50-year-old, even by the standards of Tinseltown. I swear he looks practically like he did when he was on The Practice, and that was a decade ago. Also, I woke up to the news that Steve Jobs had died. What a way to divert attention from the flak surrounding the iPhone 4S, huh?

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