Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Episode 1198: Christian Bö(o)k

The most interesting bit of trivia I've discovered in the course of reading for my essay is that Christian Bök was actually born Christian Book! Understandably, he changed the spelling to avoid the inevitable ribbing, although seeing as the pronunciation has presumably been kept the same, I don't see that much has been gained. (I'll concede that Bök does look more striking on a book spine and in general though.) The introductory paragraph is starting to take shape in my head, and I think I'm not going to begin with that excellent quote I was set on a few days ago. In fact, it's probably going to pop up either in the middle of the essay, or right at the very end. I continue to feel optimistic about my progress, especially having read a few more essays by and interviews of Bök himself, whose own critical comments are surprisingly helpful in interpreting his creative output, which isn't always the case with poets. On a tangential note, I've been getting a steady stream of submissions for Eunoia Review lately, and the buffer of scheduled submissions is now extending into a fourth month. The geographic distribution of the writers submitting also seems to be widening, so hopefully this will have a domino effect in terms of broadening the readership of the journal.

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