Monday, January 23, 2012

Episode 1218: Win Some, Lose Some

So Blue & Yellow Dog rejected the lot, mais c'est la vie. I'm starting to notice this weird trend where a lot of the places that I think I might want to submit to have also published people that I've published in my capacity as an editor. In some cases, it's the editors themselves whom I've published. It all seems a bit incestuous, doesn't it? For a change, I sent some poems to Popshot today, which is a print-only publication, and a very well-designed one it is too! I may have interpreted the next issue's theme of 'Power' too liberally, but hey, you never know if something might just click with an editor. Speaking of which, just as I was typing that, an acceptance came in from Quantum Poetry, a publication I discovered via one of today's acceptances for Eunoia Review, whose poem currently appears right below mine on the site's homepage. Link here. (Didn't realise that Quantum Poetry is edited by Jill Chan, who's a contributor to Eunoia Review, until I got the acceptance e-mail.) It's one of my oldest poems, from way back in 2005, so it's nice to know that someone liked it enough to publish it. Don't really have a lot of poems from that period that I'd consider publishable today!

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