Sunday, January 22, 2012

Episode 1217: Four Consecutive Months Of Viewership Growth!

So it looks like my pamphlet didn't make the cut for Iota Shots, so I'll probably send it off to the Flarestack competition later this week. Dusted off a couple of older, slightly weirder poems, and sent them off to Blue & Yellow Dog because they seem like they might be a fit for that journal. We'll see. Also finished my vaguely dystopian story for tomorrow's EN911 seminar. I think it has potential to be developed into something longer, so we'll see. I might trim it down instead and pair it with a longer piece to submit for another competition though, haven't really decided. Anyway, on the editing side of things, Eunoia Review is having a good month. With more than a week to go before the month's over, the journal's already hit a new monthly record for site views, for the fourth consecutive month no less. There's also work lined up for publication until 1 May, assuming none of the simultaneous submissions I accepted are subsequently withdrawn. It's unlikely that'll happen, given my rapid response times. One of the recent submitters did commit the gaffe of forgetting to delete his cover letter to the other journal, but I didn't hold it against him. Didn't even mention it when I sent the acceptance e-mail.

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