Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Episode 1226: Is Gossip Girl Being Meta Or Not?

One of my hallmates took my food out of the oven to cook his own. I'd have excused him, except not only did he not put my food back when he was done, he left my tray out and turned off the oven! Like, what the heck? Anyway, Gossip Girl aired its 100th episode yesterday, the first of the shows that originated on The CW network to do so. After five seasons of the show though, it is honestly quite hard not to interpret all the dialogue at this point as being some sort of metacommentary on the show's writing. The question only remains whether this is a conscious act on the part of the writers, or have they been unwittingly brilliant in spite of increasingly lazy and loopy storytelling. Anyway, I'm in the middle of writing my next review that I owe Lindsey for Sabotage Reviews because I decided that just because Tuesdays are what I call 'TV Tuesdays', there's no reason that I shouldn't get on with work once all the shows are finished. That and I just found out today that I have to do a lot more for my dissertation plan than I'd expected, which I only realised because I read the handbook. Was actually looking to see if there were any deadlines that I had to be around for in May, before confirming to my mum if I'm flying back to Singapore for a couple of weeks around my birthday. Turns out it's just an essay title for one of this term's modules that needs to be submitted by 27 April, so I'm free to pop off for a few weeks in the middle of Summer Term because there aren't any seminars anyway. Will still need to be getting work done though, even while I'm back in Singapore...

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