Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Episode 1213: Salvagepunk

Whole day of salvagepunk, symposium in the afternoon, reading in the evening. Not sure what to make of it all yet (if I ever will), although I really enjoyed the readings in the evening from Evan Calder Williams, China Miéville and Joyelle McSweeney. I'm really tempted to check out Evan's book, Combined And Uneven Apocalypse: Luciferian Marxism, even though the mention of Marxism is usually immediate cause for me to stop paying attention. I suppose I could always order first and then return it, if I didn't find it interesting. Randomly, my face is currently appearing on the university homepage, in connection with the announcement that Winter Graduation Ceremonies are happening. I'm in the corner of the picture, but you can still totally tell it's me. Gaby's in the shot too, but it's Dan who's right smack in the centre of the frame. Anyway, after watching the second episode of Canadian show The L.A. Complex, I don't understand why The CW bought this show. It just looks like The Beautiful Life but about actors instead of models, i.e. it's probably going to bomb in the ratings department. I would've said the surprise ending of this episode would generate lots of controversy (and desperately needed publicity) for The CW when it airs, but in the Internet age, viewers who would be interested in the show are probably illegally downloading episodes as they air in Canada anyway, which is also why this show is almost certain to crash in the ratings, obviously. (Unless Americans really are so indifferent to the world that they aren't even aware it's airing across the border right now.)

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