Thursday, January 12, 2012

Episode 1207: >50%

So the essay's more than half-finished now, and in fact, it's kind of heading into the home stretch, even though there's just under 2500 words to go. I've hit a slight snag because I'm trying to work out how much philosophy I can work into this current section I'm writing about how the ability to listen is what makes us receptive as readers to a piece of writing like Eunoia. Trouble is, I'm not very familiar with the philosophical thought in this area, so at the risk of taking things slightly out of context, I'm just quoting bits from Emmanuel Levinas and Jean-Luc Nancy that seem to me to fit with the general point I'm trying to make. Once I get through this, I'm pretty much done because the rest of the essay is all about making the argument that everything I've written so far about Bök demonstrates that Eunoia is more than just a language game and is instead a very serious attempt at making his avant-garde poetics relevant to what we would label a 'mainstream audience', which will directly answer the most damning criticism I've encountered (in the limited amount available) concerning Bök's poetics. The only misgiving I really have about the essay at this point is that there might not have been enough close reading of the poem, but then again, how much is enough when you've got 6000 words to fill?

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