Saturday, January 28, 2012

Episode 1223: I Should Write A Story About Procrastination

Requested an interview with Jim Harrington's blog Six Questions For..., and I've just sent in my responses, so hopefully that will bring in submissions from an even wider pool of people once the interview's gone up. I was also supposed to write a flash fiction or a review today, obviously what I ended up doing was starting on some TV show instead. I've watched the first series of Miranda, and I'm now two episodes into the second, so by the time the third airs at some point this year, I'll be caught up. It was either this or Becker, and I'm not even halfway into Season 1 of that. Was going to do two submissions for this Biscuit Publishing competition, which is a combo contest, so one submission consists of a short story of 1000-5000 words and a flash of up to 750. I've decided I'm too lazy to write two new flashes by the end of this month though, so I've sent one of the short stories off to a magazine instead. Speaking of which, earlier today I impulsively decided to help The Conium Review reach their IndieGoGo target and donated US$30, in exchange for a copy of the magazine when it comes out and various 'thank you' mentions. Wasn't going to donate that much initially, since there was an option for a smaller amount that would still get me a copy of the magazine, but I figured, what the heck, I like what James Gapinski and his team are doing by bring out a print magazine, and I can still spare the money to bring them up to their target. Still on the subject of new magazines, Jane Holland is starting up a new one online. So any writers reading this, you should definitely consider submitting to Epicentre Magazine.

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