Saturday, January 21, 2012

Episode 1216: Finally Back To Reviewing Again...

Yeah, so I'm finally getting back into the swing of things, as far as reviewing is concerned. Writing the review for Neil Campbell's Bugsworth Diary now, which I'll hopefully be able to send off to Lindsey before going to bed. Might get around to doing the next chapbook tomorrow, or within the week anyway. I've already read three out of the four chapbooks I was given to review, so I'm quite happy to be cracking on at last, with the EN973 essay out of the way. With the EN978 portfolio due in mid-February and other material for review still coming in (including what sounds like an exciting debut novel from Ben Masters), I just really want to clear this backlog as quickly as possible. It's taking longer than I expected for this current one, but that's mainly because I keep checking Facebook every time I get stuck. I even started watching Becker as a form of procrastination, and was left wondering if the titular character in any way influenced the creation of that other show with a crotchety doctor, House. I've found the show somewhat entertaining so far, although the humour is a bit too straightforward for my tastes. I mean, most of the time it really is just Dr Becker being grumpy at everything and everyone, and I can see that getting old pretty quickly. I only really started watching it because there was nothing I currently follow to procrastinate with anyway, having watched Fringe and Grimm earlier in the day, and there being no new episode of Nikita this week.

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