Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Episode 1206: The Write Stuff

Got the essay up to 2600+ words before deciding to take a nap, and now that I've woken up, I've decided that I'm probably going to go right back to bed. I figure just one night more, and I'll be free of the jet lag. Probably should have carried on with the essay after dinner, instead of watching the remainder of Priest that I started on yesterday. Have realised that Legion and Priest are basically the same movie. Same lead actor (Paul Bettany), same director (Scott Stewart), same religious/supernatural themes. (Interestingly, the next film Stewart is set to direct also happens to deal with those themes, being the film adaptation of Cassandra Clare's City Of Bones from The Mortal Instruments series.) I could force myself to stay up and push on to the next paragraph, but I'd probably just rewrite it all tomorrow morning anyway, even if the basic content of it doesn't change much. Just about 850 words each day until the deadline now. Seems perfectly manageable, right? After which, I'm going to have to plunge right into catching up on reviews. Had half a dozen at last count, and that was before The Conium Review accepted me as a guest writer, so I've got to start contributing reviews for that too.

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