Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Episode 1220: Progress?

So I think my meeting with Ross Forman went well. Seems like my research might potentially be going in unanticipated directions, like a comparison of the literary representation of urban icons, and a consideration of the ramifications of the divergence and interaction of the Merlion's aspects as national versus tourist icon. I've got rough ideas for my three chapters, but more reading is needed before I can really pin down the details. I guess that's progress, right? Ross is pushing me to interview the poets in the Merlion anthology, since they're all living poets, even Edwin Thumboo, whose 'Ulysses By The Merlion' started it all. I think it's a good idea, but how many do I approach? Should I just ask the younger poets, the ones who've had virtually no secondary criticism written about them yet? Or do I want a mix of views from established and emerging poets? What about only asking the people whose poems I really, really like? Is this making my research unnecessarily complicated? Sigh. Anyway, here's my review, by the way, of the first of four chapbooks from The Knives Forks and Spoons Press.

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