Thursday, January 19, 2012

Episode 1214: Salvagepunk Redux

Someone who knows someone I know has posted this summary of what went on yesterday during all the salvagepunk stuff. Can't believe I forgot to mention that Evan Calder Williams threw a golden rat that was supposed to splat into a pile of goo and reform, but instead got stuck to the ceiling of the Conference Room. I've also bought his book that I mentioned yesterday, which I will hopefully get around to reading within a month, so that if I don't enjoy it, I can still send it back for a refund. (I know, I'm terrible, but it's not my fault that the UK has this wonderful system of returning things you've bought.) Anyway, during today's LitBiz event, China Miéville mentioned this link about the state of the publishing industry, which I'd shared on Facebook yesterday so I now feel sort of cool by proxy. (Yeah, it's a bit sad, I'll admit that.) Am now trying to read Dialectic Of Enlightenment for a seminar tomorrow morning, but it's not very enjoyable. I mean, I don't actually like reading theory that much. I just really like the way Thomas Docherty talks about it, hence the reason for auditing his module again this term.

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