Friday, January 13, 2012

Episode 1208: >75%

Writing this essay has made me realise just how reliant I am on conjunctions (but aren't we all?) to express clarifications and subtle shadings of meaning, and just how quickly you start repeating conjunctions in the space of a few thousand words. Anyway, it seems that The Secret Circle might finally be starting to redeem itself and climb towards the TV greatness that is its sister show, The Vampire Diaries. That Bones spinoff series The Finder has also finally had its proper premiere, after the backdoor pilot in Season 6 of Bones. I think it's okay, with Geoff Stults playing the sort of oddball, slightly alienating lead character that Fox keeps producing (and usually, cancelling). It feels like a USA Network production though, especially because of the setting. (That network's shows are pretty much all cut from the same cloth, and it's just a question of how long before the ideas start scraping the bottom of the barrel, successful as most of the series have been.) Wasn't that impressed by the new episode of The Firm, premiering in its actual timeslot. The flashback storytelling isn't working too well, as all it's doing is postponing a proper explanation of what the heck is happening in the present time to Mitch McDeere, however intriguing that seems from the glimpses we get at the beginning and end of the episode. You know what? I think this is Terra Nova syndrome all over again. They really should have just remade the film, instead of dragging it out as a TV series. NBC, you will make us watch this, but continue to deny us Community? What gives? I know it's John Grisham and all, but really, isn't Grisham a bit passé anyway? I say this as someone who loved Grisham novels when I was a kid.

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