Monday, January 30, 2012

Episode 1225: Thanks, Duckworth Publishers!

So while battling insomnia last night (guess I'm not 100% immune to the caffeine in Coke after all), I decided that I'm going to send one of the flashes I wrote last year and read out to my writing group. Everyone seemed to enjoy it then, so why not use it, right? So that takes care of the Biscuit Publishing competition. On a separate note, I also won some books and a DVD from Duckworth Publishers, courtesy of a competition they ran on Facebook over the weekend. One of the things I've won is a copy of Max Brooks's World War Z, which I'm really pleased about because I've been wanting to buy his books for some time now, I just haven't got around to it yet. Also, it turns out that my review on Sabotage Reviews of Neil Campbell's chapbook has indirectly led to his submitting a story to Eunoia Review, which I'm honoured to accept for publication in mid-May. Sort of a multiplier effect, if you will. Currently considering whether I really want to go and see We Need To Talk About Kevin at the Student Cinema for free. I definitely want to see Contagion on Friday, and possibly Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon tomorrow and A Separation on Thursday.

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