Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Episode 1212: 10-Show Tuesday!

So J. J. Abrams's new show Alcatraz has premiered. Think of it as Fringe-meets-Haven-meetsLost, with a dash of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Prison Break. In other words, it's such a crazy mishmash that I'm not entirely sure even having Sam Neill as one of the stars can save it. I do like that most of the show's leads so far have been decisively unpretty, which is quite radical for American fare, although that's probably going to hurt the show eventually. Also saw the pilot for Smash, ahead of the actual series premiere in February. I loved it! The Glee comparisons are inevitable, but I think this Steven Spielberg drama is a very different creature from the hijinks of the McKinley crew. For one thing, the stakes already feel a lot higher, this being Broadway and all. Never been a huge fan of anyone coming out of the American Idol machine (except maybe Kris Allen), but I found myself really warming to Katharine McPhee's character in the pilot. (Also, am I the only one who thinks she kind of looks like Jill Flint on Royal Pains?) Now that the US version of Being Human has started airing its second season, I'll be following up to 10 shows on Tuesdays for the next couple of months. It's insane, but hey, at least it's my free day of the week!

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