Monday, January 09, 2012

Episode 1204: Take A Break?

Haven't touched my essay today, but I'm citing jet lag as an excuse. Hasn't stopped me from finishing a poem that emerged out of a workshop exercise during this morning's EN911 seminar (where I also happened to be the only guy in a class of women). Might try to finish the riddle we're meant to write as 'homework', and then see if I can't take a crack at finishing another paragraph of the essay at least. Even if I don't though, I can afford to take today off entirely and still will only need to write 700+ words every day till Sunday, which seems perfectly reasonable, even with TV as a distraction. Case in point: I watched six shows today and yet I've managed to write a poem, haven't I? One of the shows was the double-episode premiere of The Firm, set a decade after the Tom Cruise movie adaptation of John Grisham's novel. Ah, the days of primary school when I'd first started reading novels and was really into Grisham (and Robin Cook)! Haven't kept up with his more recent output (i.e. since secondary school, pretty much), but I really did love the early novels, and The Firm was among my favourites. Anyway, the premiere was a bit slow-moving, although the ending was enough to keep me tuning in, so I guess I'll add this to my list of shows to follow as they air. Also saw House Of Lies, which didn't really grab me, so I'll give it one or two more episodes to improve, and if it doesn't, I'll get the episodes but save them for that day (which will never come) when I completely run out of TV shows to watch.

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