Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Episode 1205: The Library Caves (Well, Sort Of)

Got an e-mail from the Library's Customer Service Manager, so it seems that all that grousing has finally been acknowledged by someone. For a change, here was someone actually acknowledging that there was a problem with how the recall system currently functions approaching vacation periods, as well as noting that obtaining another copy of the book for the Library is being considered, although I don't know why she assumed that my fine had been waived. I actually paid it the same day that I returned the overdue book, though I wouldn't mind if the Library decided to reimburse me. (I'm sure if anyone can make that happen even after I've paid it, it'll be the Customer Service Manager!) Have made progress with the essay, although I thought I wasn't going to get anything done after my decision to have a late afternoon nap. Am now a third of the way through, and the biggest challenge right now is holding the big picture in my mind. It's like every time I open one of the books or articles I've found in the course of my research, I find a piece that adds to the puzzle that I'd forgotten about, and so it all just keeps expanding in scope. I worry that too much of my discussion is going to end up wandering away from my original thesis statement, although I definitely have a core train of thought already that ties together a fair bit of my research. It's just a matter of whether more stuff can be added to it that further develops what I'm already going to be saying anyway.

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