Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Episode 1318: ...Temporary Return

It's so weird that download speeds from all the usual file hosting sites are so slow when I'm in Singapore, but Netload, which used to be fantastic wherever I was, but is now excruciatingly slow in the UK, is actually sort of okay in Singapore. I'm sure it's related to where all the various servers are housed, but still, it's ridiculous that apart from MediaFire, nothing seems to work when accessed from Singapore. Unless I buy a premium account, I suppose. Anyway, I'm back in Singapore for a month, and I'm already beginning to wilt under the tropical heat. Also, it turns out that my copy of the first issue of Smith Journal did arrive, and it was just Natalie not checking properly. Not sure what I'm going to do with the replacement copy when it arrives now. Maybe find someone to buy it off me, or give it away as a present? Speaking of spare copies, I do still have a paperback of China MiƩville's Embassytown up for grabs, in case anyone's interested! It was the duplicate when my initial order from The Book Depository took ages to arrive, and then right after I inquired about its whereabouts and a replacement was dispatched, the original book turned up in the post. Obviously I wasn't going to send it back at my expense, since the mess was entirely not my fault.

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