Monday, May 14, 2012

Episode 1330: What To Read Next (For Procrastination)?

Continuing my streak of finishing up books that I've been meaning to finish since forever (and avoiding doing any real work), I've read Leo Benedictus's The Afterparty. I like it, and I think it lands on the right side of postmodern pretension. Just. It plays with fonts to distinguish between narrators, which isn't as outré as it sounds once you've read Mark Z. Danielewski's House Of Leaves, and it wraps its novel-within-a-novel in a framing narrative composed of e-mails that explains the genesis of the overall work. I think it's an entertaining read, regardless of how you feel about its tricks, and I'm looking forward to Benedictus's next work. The question now is what I should read next. For procrastination, I mean. I've started reading the Warwick MA in Writing anthologies that I have, but I could just as easily start reading The Warwick Review. Or another of China Miéville's novels, though I'm thinking of bringing those back to the UK. Or I could sort of combine work and pleasure by reading Mark Doty's My Alexandria. It probably isn't going to make it into my EN954 essay, since I'd already decided to focus on Thom Gunn and Paul Monette for that, but as a collection of AIDS elegies, it might be tangentially relevant, I guess.

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