Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Episode 1324: Massive BooksActually Haul

Finally met Shirley this afternoon to exchange an Innocent smoothie for all my stuff from BooksActually. Thanks for getting me an autographed copy of Alfian Sa'at's Malay Sketches for my birthday! Yet another book that I'm looking forward to reading, as Alfian's one of my favourite local writers, and I mean that for poetry, fiction and drama. Have caught up with Eunoia Review submissions, reading and scheduling, so tomorrow, I need to finally take care of that prose submission for The Cadaverine. Looks like all the pieces in it are fairly long, so that'll probably be the only thing I do tomorrow, apart from watching The Avengers and The Cabin In The Woods. Still haven't e-mailed Thumboo, but I'm thinking now that I've e-mailed one of the people who collated poems from the CAP participants, I'm going to see what she can tell me first, so that I can narrow down the scope of my questions for him. Still going to aim to get two reviews done by this weekend, since I've already read the material. Have to anyway, as it's coming up to mid-May soon, and I've got a 1000-word review due in then, of a poet whose work I've never encountered before, prior to accepting the book for review.

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