Monday, May 21, 2012

Episode 1337: Finally Wrote Another Review

Have written the review for Alan Brownjohn's The Saner Places: Selected Poems, and I'll post a link once Chloe's put the review up on The Cadaverine. I think it's the longest I've written so far, clocking in just shy of 1100 words. It went smoother than I was expecting though (see yesterday's post), so that was nice. Next review to write is probably Nathan Thompson's the day maybe died (tributes and torch songs) Imagining China, once I've reread it, or Rolli's God's Autobio, which I haven't read yet but have told James I'll review by the end of the month. I figure that if I can get some reviewing out of the way this week, I can do some academic work next week, before heading back to the UK. Think it'll have to be dissertation writing, just so that I can have some fresh material to show my supervisor the week after I get back. Edwin Thumboo hasn't replied to my e-mail of questions, but I kind of learnt what I wanted to find out about the anthology's genesis from quizzing one of the featured poets and one of the ladies involved in collating poems from the CAP participants, so I guess that's good enough. For me anyway, if not for my supervisor. Have to keep reminding myself that the point of my dissertation is not to get the anthology poets to dissect their poems!

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