Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Episode 1339: A Pause For Breath

So I finished reading God's Autobio before heading to my cousin's wedding dinner, and with one exception, I like all the stories in the collection. That exception is crucial though, as it's going to keep my review from being just effusive praise for Rolli's stories. Will probably aim to finish that review tomorrow, and then do the one for Nathan Thompson's chapbook on Friday. Ideally, that'll be the plan anyway. I'm giving myself till Sunday night to finish both reviews, and then I'm switching to focus on my academic work for a week. I'll still be reading stuff for reviews, probably Ryan Frawley's Scar since I need to let Craig know about doing a book giveaway for that, but I won't be trying to get any more reviews written until I've added more words to my dissertation. Have also offered to be part of the Submission Bombers Facebook experiment, but have sensibly specified that 'bombing' should only take place from September onwards. Knowing me, I'd be way too tempted to clear submissions to maintain my turnaround time, at the expense of doing any sort of academic work!

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