Sunday, May 20, 2012

Episode 1336: Making Progress (But Not Enough Of It)

Am just over halfway through Alan Brownjohn's The Saner Places: Selected Poems, and so far, there are some witty poems that I really like, but then there are also quite a few poems that just do nothing for me, although I suspect part of it is cultural, as the book draws from collections over several decades and I've read till around the 1980s so far. Slightly at a loss as to how to structure my review, for now anyway. Not sure I have enough material in mind to reach 1000 words! Hopefully, something will really bowl me over within the next 90-plus pages, as this review's technically already overdue. As are the next two that I'll be writing, come to think of it. Gosh, I've really fallen behind these holidays instead of catching up, haven't I? So much for trying to do lots of work and catch up on some novel reading. Guess that means I'll be lugging all the China MiƩville stuff back to the UK? I've always had this tendency to be wildly optimistic about the amount of leisure reading that I'll actually do, either when in Singapore or back at Warwick. Given that I'll never be freer than I am now, as a university student, I think it's safe to say that I may never finish reading all the books that I own.

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