Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Episode 1332: Ditto...

Day began with a weird e-mail from someone withdrawing a submission I'd already rejected. Is this why I have so many incomplete reports on Duotrope's Digest? Are these would-be contributors just not getting my replies, be they acceptances or rejections? Felt bad when I did it, but I sent an e-mail back to this lady, explaining that a reply had already been sent to her, within 12 hours of my receiving her submission. (Yeah, that's usually the true turnaround time for a submission to Eunoia Review, believe it or not. It's actually a small source of pride and satisfaction that since the journal gained enough reported responses to be eligible for inclusion, it's never fallen out of the top 25 Swiftest Poetry/Fiction Markets. Hasn't taken a monumental amount of effort, but to be fair, that's partly because I'm not a working adult yet.) Anyway, regarding the potential review I mentioned yesterday, I've managed to get Craig at Rum & Reviews Magazine to ask around if anyone else on the reviewing team would be up for that environmental fiction debut novel, so fingers crossed he'll find someone and I can put the author in touch with him. Much as I want to do the review myself since I was approached personally, I really can't afford to take on another review, especially of a full-length novel!

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