Saturday, May 26, 2012

Episode 1342: WP Keeps Hougang

Haven't written the chapbook review and I'm watching Mirrors on TV now, so it's highly unlikely I'll be writing it tonight. Well, there's always tomorrow, right? My dad finally hooked the VCR back up to the TV yesterday, so I managed to finish watching the remaining episodes of Perfect Deception. I was right! Rebecca Lim's character was a clone! What I didn't expect was the second twist of her mother going nuts and trying to kill her. Anyway, today was the Hougang by-election, and boy were my friends and I wrong when we were predicting the WP's winning margin! I was personally expecting 55% or less for the WP, but I guess the PAP characteristically went for overkill in attempting to discredit the opposition candidate and it backfired, since he won with 62.09% of the vote. Now the really interesting question is whether this new guy will stand in Hougang again for GE 2016. I mean, I doubt it was his compelling personality that gave him such a big win this time. (By extension, I'll be waiting to see if the PAP guy stands for election again too.)

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