Thursday, May 17, 2012

Episode 1333: A Reviews Section?

Ah, that awkward state of affairs when you have reviews pending for all your editors and something new comes in to you for review. I'm starting to get more review requests coming directly to me, almost all via Eunoia Review. For some reason, I guess people seem to be under the impression that the journal publishes reviews, although I've never run one before and there's no section for it anywhere on the site. It's beginning to make me think that maybe I might as well start one, but I'm still resisting the idea for now because it isn't exactly what I envisioned with the journal. Not to mention if I was going to be implementing something new on Eunoia Review, I'd rather it be that idea of featuring audio-only work. At least I have friends who are up for handling that side of things, whereas adding a reviews section would just be giving myself more work that I don't need right now. I suppose I could find people to handle it as well, but at the moment, the only people whose judgement I trust enough when it comes to reviews are all tied up in projects of their own too. In any case, unless the volume of unsolicited reviews goes up even further, I should still be able to get by with offering to write the reviews and have them published instead in the places I currently review for anyway.

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