Sunday, May 27, 2012

Episode 1343: Semi-procrastination?

Haven't written the review, but I have finally done the synopsis to submit together with my novel extract to this competition I'm entering just for a lark, since there's no contest fee. Probably not the best of reasons to commit to potentially having to write a whole novel, but then again, why not, right? Anyway, in light of having done the synopsis, I might cut myself some slack and just do the review tomorrow instead. Have started reading Ryan Frawley's Scar as well, which I'm enjoying so far, although I'll try to get through a bit more before letting Craig know about planning a giveaway. It feels a bit like House Of Leaves and I'm basically a sucker for anything that's even vaguely like that novel. (Side note: I'm really excited that The Fifty Year Sword is finally being reissued by Pantheon. I think that novella was originally published in the Netherlands, hence extremely difficult to find, and prohibitively expensive to purchase once found anyway. Have already placed a pre-order through The Book Depository.) Next I'm going to start reading for my EN954 essay, the title of which I had to scroll through my Facebook Timeline to find. At least that's finally proved useful for something...

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