Saturday, May 12, 2012

Episode 1328: Lots Of Catching Up To Do...

Have spent the week reading books that I didn't have to. Started off with the YesYes Books, so that was Thomas Patrick Levy's I Don't Mind If You're Feeling Alone, Nate Slawson's Panic Attack, USA, and Gregory Sherl's Heavy Petting. Glad I bought them, might look at getting the poetry ebooks next, especially if I'm getting an iPad. Also finished reading Alfian Sa'at's Malay Sketches last night, which didn't disappoint. They're mostly flash fictions, accompanied by illustrations, so they make for quick reads, perfectly suited to people starved for attention spans. Another book just arrived for me to review, so that's gone onto the pile of stuff that I need to catch up on. Top of the to-read pile at the moment is Alan Brownjohn's The Saner Places: Selected Poems, which I've started on but keep putting down because I get distracted. In TV-related news, it's a shame that GCB and The Secret Circle have been cancelled. I felt both shows were finally beginning to hit their stride, but at least ABC has finally announced it's renewing Happy Endings and The CW has granted more seasons for Hart Of Dixie and Nikita! I hope that Phoebe Tonkin gets cast in something else soon though. If The Secret Circle could be said to have a breakout star, she was it, without a doubt. Surprised the show got axed, as I'd thought it was getting a decent percentage of the coveted 18-49 demographic for something airing on The CW, and that's pretty much the metric by which a TV show rises or falls these days. Guess the numbers were just too weak for something getting the best lead-in on the network (i.e. The Vampire Diaries)?

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