Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Episode 1331: Still Procrastinating (But Not For Much Longer)

Went with the MA anthologies, and I'm on the third of the four that I own. Could move on after these to that series of Ox-Tales short story anthologies from Oxfam that I bought more than a year ago (ironically, they weren't new copies but donations to an Oxfam in London), but I really need to clear my reviewing backlog. If I do no other work while I'm back in Singapore (as looks increasingly likely), at least I want to have done that! I counted yesterday, and I have six pending reviews for five editors, albeit some with no fixed deadline. This isn't counting two batches of stuff that I expect to be waiting for me by the time I get back to the UK, which could well double the number of reviews I need to do. I'm thinking once these are all done, I should take a break until my dissertation's finished in September, or at least pass on more reviewing opportunities than not. I've sort of made a start on that by not acquiescing to a request for a review that was sent to me in my capacity as editor of Eunoia Review. In the past, I'd have tried to shop the review to one of my editors, and if anyone expressed interest in running the review, only then would I accept the request. I'm thinking I might still refer the guy to someone, just to help him out.

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