Thursday, May 03, 2012

Episode 1319: Not Too Jetlagged, Surprisingly

Have been reading the new issue of Lucky Peach. So far, it hasn't really grabbed me the way the first two did, partly because it's focused on cooks and chefs, as opposed to particular foods like ramen or desserts, and the subject doesn't quite appeal to me in the same way. I mean, it's still an interesting read, which is practically a given for anything coming out of the McSweeney's publishing empire, just not a consistently hunger-inducing one. Only sporadically. Definitely renewing my subscription though! Have yet to subscribe to the other magazines in the McSweeney's family because I was considering one of the combo subscriptions after I'd picked up all back issues of The Believer, but I've looked and they don't seem to offer those on the site anymore. Guess I'll just have to take out individual subscriptions then. Once I'm done reading Lucky Peach, I'm going to have a look at Smith Journal, the counterpart for men to Australian magazine Frankie. It feels hefty for a magazine, which is perhaps a bit clichédly masculine as a design element, but its matte pages do make for a welcome visual change from the glossies. Haven't got any work done today, obviously, although I did reply to a couple of e-mails, so more like housekeeping stuff than actual work. (So basically, I don't think I'm going to be contacting Thumboo again until after this weekend.)

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