Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Episode 498: Black Tape!

Lately, I've been looping the first couple of tracks on Ke$ha's album, Animal. That's not a judgement about the rest of the album, but more a reflection of how long my bus journey is to and from campus. She sounds like Lady Gaga on a budget crossed with the white trash of Britney Spears. In other words, irresistible to someone with my musical preferences. I got an A for my presentation last week on New Caledonia. My tutor didn't even have anything to say apart from 'très professionnel', which was immensely gratifying, naturally. I knew taking LL209 this year was going to be a great decision! Then I had to hang around on campus until 6 pm because the costume people were only free to collect our stuff then. Helped to tape the wires we're going to use to hang up all the 'family portraits' tomorrow, an activity which Claire Lim describes as 'bonding'. I guess it is, but really, there are more fun ways for that to happen. Incidentally, Royal Mail redelivery didn't happen, which still means I'll probably miss it because it's now going to arrive while I'm out all day tomorrow because of the musical.

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