Thursday, February 25, 2010

Episode 521: Enfin, Enfance

Strange but interesting session on sound poetry in the morning with George Ttoouli. I would say that it's not really my thing, although there are interesting things that can be done with it. We have to write two poems for next week, using modifications of the Oulipean constraints, The Beautiful Inlaw and The Beautiful Outlaw. I've just done the poem for the former, using Nick Chen's name. I've managed to get some sort of sense going, in addition to discovering quite by accident that K is a brand of British cider. So now the poem is about kicking alcoholism. Haha! Will try to write the other poem tomorrow, in that vast swathe of time I have between my last seminar and the skills workshop in the evening, which I'm only going for because I did one last year and it's on my transcript, so it feels silly to not stick it out and finish off the whole certificate now, even though the modules I'll be taking aren't the ones I would have picked. There could be worse things than learning about personal finance, I guess. I've been reading Enfance, which as I described to Eugene, is the sort of novel that I would rave about if I were reading it in translation, except I'm reading it in French, so I understand just enough of what's going on to know that I would like it, but it's too tedious reading it in French for me to really enjoy the process! Had meant to do essay-related reading, but it seems getting through a decent amount of Enfance is going to be hard enough work. Maybe I'll bring my laptop onto campus tomorrow and try to start writing the essay in the Library?

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