Saturday, February 27, 2010

Episode 523: Epiphany!

After this module on personal finance, I'm actually mildly tempted by the prospect of working in the financial industry. Sadly, my current life trajectory doesn't look headed anywhere remotely in that direction. I suppose I could always get certified, if I decide not to stay on in education. Giving financial advice sounds like a day job that would pay better, and I'm definitely not one of those who believe that you have to starve for your art. MNight was okay. I thought they had an interesting story, but Butterworth Hall doesn't seem to me like the ideal venue for dramatic performances. It's somehow too cavernous, more like the sort of place you'd expect to attend a concert. Anyway, I was doing some desperate research in the Library before the performance, trying to connect religion and sensuality in 'The Eve Of St. Agnes' Hit paydirt when I found some university module webpage that did just that! It seems so blatantly obvious now, I'm ashamed of myself for not having thought of it sooner. I'm a terrible close reader! Sigh...

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