Monday, February 01, 2010

Episode 497: Housing Contract Signed!

Went down to Leamington today to sign the housing contract for next year. It's really quite a banal business, isn't it? You go in, sign, and leave. That's pretty much all that happens. It's such a big step, but the whole thing is really quite anticlimactic in the end, I guess. Was going to stay on campus until it was time for rehearsal, but there was way too much time to kill, so I came home and made myself a late lunch, while starting on the next Maupin novel. Also tried to get rid of the wrinkles in my trousers by moistening them and putting them back in the dryer, which sort of worked, but now it's afflicted by a really bad case of static cling that's driving me nuts. Am going to have to do something about that on Wednesday at some point. Rehearsal ended really late again tonight, so I may or may not stay up to finish reading that Maupin novel. I could totally do it, but I'd be quite sleep-deprived for the rest of tomorrow. It's okay though, since there isn't rehearsal, but I do have to stick around till 6 pm to turn in my costume to the costume people. Guess it's back to the Library after LL209 then. Who wants to bet that I'll miss the Royal Mail redelivery I scheduled for tomorrow?

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