Saturday, February 06, 2010

Episode 502: 12 Hours Of Sleep Does A World Of Good

I slept until it was nearly noon and have done absolutely nothing of worth since then. It's been glorious. I will get down to doing things after church tomorrow, naturally, but for now, Saturday has been great. I think the only way it could have been improved would have been if I hadn't climbed out of bed at all and if it were about 10 degrees warmer. It's not technically meant to be spring for at least another three weeks, but really, you'd think it'd start warming up by now. I suppose it has, but it's a shabby effort. Am now making up for my laziness all day by reading the Dante Gabriel Rossetti poems for next week, and they're really enjoyable. It sounds like the lamest thing ever to say, especially for someone whose own poetic output tends not to rhyme, but I like the fact that Victorian poetry does. It just makes it so much easier to read and get through, which is terribly important when you're reading a lot of stuff only because it's been assigned and not because you're actually interested in that poet. (I can be very arbitrary in my choices when it comes to reading, which is both good and bad. Good because I tend to find stuff I would otherwise never have discovered. Bad because I tend to avoid stuff that I'm told I should be appreciating because it's 'great literature'.) Am still going strong with my re-reading of Maupin's Tales Of The City series by the way. Have reached the fifth book!

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