Friday, February 05, 2010

Episode 501: (500) Days Of Summer

I'm really starting to get into the non-fiction half of EN232, specifically when it comes to writing in the style of a column journalist. I'm definitely beginning to develop what feels like my signature voice, which you can sometimes detect in my blogging anyway. You know what I mean. A breezy, conversational tone, seasoned with a dose of intelligence and wit, with a cynical streak to boot. Anyway, was at Lizzie's house with a bunch of people to see (500) Days Of Summer. Frankly speaking, I think the film was too hyped up for me by other people who'd seen it before, and therefore I felt let down by it. To begin with, the non-linear narrative felt like an unnecessary contrivance. The Time Traveler's Wife is by no means a perfect film, but it's one in which the non-linear narrative works to enhance the effect of the film, rather than coming across as pretentious. Admittedly, the relationship shown in the film is interesting because of the attempt to present a realistic corrective to the stereotypical lead couples of romantic comedies, but I never really felt anything for either of the characters. Compared with films like Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and My Blueberry Nights, both of which really worked for me, (500) Days Of Summer just came off as something trying to be unformulaic by adhering closely to the formula for being unformulaic. (Sorry for that clunky sentence, I'm quite tired.) Great soundtrack, but as an actual film? Sorry, just not buying it.

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