Sunday, February 28, 2010

Episode 524: I Overslept And Missed Church, But I've Been Working!

After the lack of sleep on Friday and Saturday, I couldn't take it any longer, so I overslept this morning and missed church. Could have gone to the evening service, I suppose, but I ended up spending the day working on the assignments for the Warwick Skills Certificate module. Have finished three out of six, and it's been relatively easy. I should probably be able to finish another two tomorrow, if not all of the remaining three. Haven't forgotten about that remaining poem I've got to write for Thursday either, so I'll get that done after the portfolio of assignments is completed. At some point, I also have to bang out a plan and an opening paragraph on how the Singaporean system is (wilfully) misunderstood by the Western world. I've actually got an idea for what sort of angle to take on it. Definitely the sort that's still inadmissible in the Singaporean media, but practically par for the course in the Western one. I'm going with the idea that Singapore is basically a carefully engineered experiment that has been remarkably successful over the past four decades or so, and now that a winning formula is in place, it makes little sense to do more than tweak the variables. It's not saying that we've got it perfectly right, but that compared to most places, we're doing pretty okay, so who's to say we should have to change to please the West? Laura said that we're not allowed a real democracy because people like me would just break it with arbitrary decisions like voting against candidates who made a grammatical error, but hey, the British are the ones who are being offered David Cameron as a choice for their Prime Minister, so in comparison, I think Singapore's actually, well, rather more palatable. Wouldn't you say so?

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