Monday, March 01, 2010

Episode 525: Has Spring Finally Arrived?

It was gloriously warm while the sun was still out in full force this afternoon. Can't say the same about right now. Anyway, have just finished the portfolio of assignments. So that's at least one item of my to-do list for today that I can cross out. To be honest, there wasn't a lot after it. I had meant to write a poem about Nick Chen at the zoo, but that hasn't happened yet. (No, I'm not even kidding! There was going to be a xylophone in it too, until I realised that you can't spell 'xylophone' without 'n'. Foiled!) In other news, I'm in the latest issue of Angelic Dynamo, so many thanks to everyone who helped me get there by voting! So now even if every single other place that I sent poems off to rejects me, I've got a tiny bit of validation to keep me going. (I exaggerate. Only a little bit.) I have now begun writing a zombie apocalypse story on my Facebook status with Lizzie. It's the most amusing thing I've done all day, which is both strange and sad. Bizarrely, the reason we started doing this was because we were discussing British TV shows, and I was complaining about how Being Human is a bit rubbish in this second series and Skins has jumped the shark with Effy's going off the rails. To end off randomly, let me just say that wasabi-flavoured Pringles do not pack a punch at all. I had to eat the whole tube before I even felt it sting.

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