Sunday, March 28, 2010

Episode 552: Riviera Reverie

Wasn't up for another night of drinking yesterday, so I came back to the hotel. Alberto was already asleep, so I just spent a couple of hours writing the day's poem and watching Melrose Place and Gossip Girl. The tone of the former has definitely changed for the better, although I can't see any reason yet why the network felt the replacements for Auggie and Violet were interesting characters. Gossip Girl, on the other hand, may be in danger of overcomplicating its plot intrigues, although I guess it's all building to a climactic (and cathartic) season finale. I think all the romantic attachments in the show are perfectly configured right now though, which sucks because that's not going to last (although One Tree Hill suggests The CW writers aren't completely averse to stable pairings). There wasn't quite enough sunlight in Nice today to justify taking my top off, so I skipped the beach and walked around with some people instead. It's beautiful along the Côte d'Azur though, very beautiful. I can totally see why Peter Blegvad decided to escape here for Easter. (The sun was out in full force after lunch, but by then I was heading back to the hotel.) Before dinner in Monte-Carlo, we visited the Fragonard perfumery in Èze, where I blew £135 on perfume and got complimented on my 'très bon français'. (I feel no shame in admitting that for a non-native francophone, I speak the language rather well and with a fairly pure accent.) It's good perfume though, and costs less per bottle than branded stuff in the stores. This is totally going to be my indulgence if I ever strike the lottery. Didn't actually gamble at the casino tonight though, mostly because I just wasn't feeling lucky and the stakes were pretty high relative to how much cash I've got left. I have the option to draw out more thanks to my mum's generosity in temporarily loaning me some money, but I'm trying as far as possible not to touch it. I'll see how things go as I get through Italy!

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