Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Episode 541: Liminal Step

After a series of rejections by other markets, escarp has finally accepted another of my haikus. Small triumphs get me through the days. That said, I've sent out stuff to a whole new bunch of magazines, so am basically inviting myself to be slaughtered. Again. The Diesel jeans arrived promptly via UPS, but they didn't fit the way I'd envisioned, so I requested a refund and got UPS to come around to pick up the box to return it. They were so efficient, compared to HDNL, who delivered my pair of G-Star RAW jeans, which thankfully, fit perfectly. I spent the entire afternoon waiting for them, and then when I finally decided to go and take a shower before heading off to see Bella's short film, they showed up while I was in the bathroom. Thank goodness Chloe was in the house! Then again, the HDNL courier would probably just have chucked it in our back garden anyway, which is what the lazy bastards always do with my books from Amazon UK. (It's happened twice already, and I wish Amazon UK would just go back to Royal Mail, strikes or no strikes.) Liminal Step was interesting, but I'm not going to dissect it here because I already did it with Bella over the telephone, and she's the only one who really needs to know what I thought in this case anyway! Am now just trying to finish one more assignment for the Warwick Skills Certificate portfolio. Not the most fun of tasks, as you can imagine...

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