Monday, March 15, 2010

Episode 539: Last Week Of Term!

Spontaneously decided to join people in Leamington for drinks, but I was wise enough to leave myself plenty of time to catch the last 12. I'm going to try to type out a bit of the first assignment for the portfolio, in which I'm supposed to imagine, present and comment on a scenario that demonstrates, among other things, the three behavioural models: passive, aggressive, assertive. Very mechanical, but it has to be finished. Found some Diesel jeans online that I like, and now the question I'm asking myself is whether I like them enough to fork out money. If I pay £15 for express shipping, I can even wear them on holiday! I'm trying to decide whether to buy two or three pairs, bearing in mind I would like to spend a bit at the G-Star RAW outlet in Birmingham if I make it there on Wednesday. Would have bought them by now if I hadn't made my spontaneous decision to leave the house 10 minutes before the 12 to Leamington was due. Also need to decide how much additional cash to bring for my holiday. The problem's that I literally have absolutely no idea how much I'm going to spend! A good number of meals are covered, but I don't know if my tour groups is going to be full of skint or extravagant people. To be fair though, this tour isn't cheap, so I probably should err on the side of caution and bring more money...

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