Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Episode 526: Rejection!

Got a rejection e-mail today, which I know shouldn't be taken personally, but nonetheless created feelings of inadequacy that led to my spending the entire night sifting through work to send off to yet more editors to invite yet more (potential) rejection. I can't decide if this reaction was rational or otherwise. I've decided, at the very least, that I don't need to be overly discriminate at this stage of my literary career in whom I submit to, so at least one of choices has been quite outré, with the poems sent in being correspondingly edgier. Would've gone out, and I'd meant to, but would've been the only non-Leamington person and didn't fancy going home alone. (If I'd stayed late, I'd have to have taken a taxi, and I'm trying to avoid that as far as possible in my bid to reduce discretionary expenditure.) Instead, I stayed in the Library, although I didn't actually get any work done. I just sat there, reading Martin McDonagh's The Leenane Trilogy (The Beauty Queen Of Leenane, A Skull In Connemara, The Lonesome West). Pretty disturbing stuff, although I personally think The Pillowman still trumps them all. This whole plan to start work early on my essay is basically going down the drain really...

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