Friday, March 26, 2010

Episode 550: Flamenco

Free day in the city again, so just had a bit of a wander along La Rambla and in the Mercat de la Boqueria. Great sunny weather, so hopefully got a bit of a tan out of the day because a couple of us made it down to the beach by taxi, which cost ridiculously little here. (I took my top off there. How adventurous and out of character!) Anyway, I've finished that poem about La Sagrada Família I started yesterday, although I think none of the original lines I jotted down have survived entirely intact. I think it's decent, although I'm still having difficulty with resisting those little epiphanies at the end that we briefly discussed in the last EN238 seminar. I guess I'm a bit mainstream that way. Am aiming for a pair of sonnets for today's poem, although rhyming and still sounding natural is not my strong suit. I know there's always the option of half-rhyme and what-have-you, but for me, it honestly takes more effort to not rhyme exactly, so usually I just go with perfect rhyme. The flamenco dancers were awesome, so I'm going to write about them. Am tempted to draw connections between dancer/dance and writer/writing, but that sounds so pretentious as I think about it, even if there is some truth to it.

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