Friday, March 19, 2010

Episode 543: It's The Holidays Again...

Final seminar of the year was good, despite my oversleeping and nearly missing it altogether. Maureen Freely was very helpful with my non-fiction piece on Singapore, so it looks like I won't have much problems finishing the portfolio for this term. Also told her about the story making it into Foundling Review, and she said to remind her about this next year so that she can call me in when she does that writing exercise with the freshers. Anyway, I wrote most of my second portfolio poem on the way to London. It feels somewhat different from my usual work, so I can't really say if it's any good. I'm staying at the Imperial Hotel instead of sleeping on Eugene's floor because I decided I didn't really fancy lugging a suitcase about the Tube in the early morning. I don't care if it perpetuates the misconception that I'm loaded. There's loads of people on the tour by the way, which is really intimidating. What was I thinking travelling alone? Oh right. It's supposed to be me being bold and independent, as well as providing material for my EN238 portfolio. Thing is, it so totally could. I just need to step out of my comfort zone. Pretend it's first year all over again. Except after one month, I probably won't see any of these people ever again! What could it hurt to try, right?

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