Sunday, March 07, 2010

Episode 531: Double Duty

It was my first time attending the evening celebration because I was singing today, so I was out for 12 hours. Brought my laptop because I'd planned on doing work between services, but ended up playing The Settlers Of Catan in the Union. (That place is chilly on a weekend!) So not a terribly productive afternoon, but it was good fun. Can't decide if I'm so tired because being involved in worship for two services is very draining or because I haven't been getting enough sleep over the past couple of nights. Had thought of going to Topman tomorrow to see if I can get a few more lightweight t-shirts to pack for my upcoming vacation, for which I received the travel documents a couple of days ago, but I suspect I'll be too tired, and I'm going to a reading in the Chaplaincy anyway, so no point rushing to the city centre and back. Really do need to get a move on with the essay though, even if it's just browsing through my research so that I can pull an all-nighter on Sunday. I've got a good idea of how to phrase in the introduction what I want to say about 'The Eve Of St. Agnes', but I need to find some article that gives me a way to structure my thoughts on 'Goblin Market'. I vaguely remember coming across one, but need to flip through my research to be sure.

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