Saturday, March 13, 2010

Episode 537: R.I.P. Freddie

Was supposed to go see The Taming Of The Shrew on campus in the afternoon, but I gave it a miss to continue writing my essay instead. The ticket was free anyway! Best moment of the evening was definitely re-reading what someone had scribbled on the first page of an introduction by Germaine Greer to 'Goblin Market': 'Someone ought to tell Germaine Greer to actually read Goblin Market, maybe then she'd know her Lizzie from her Laura.' It's absolutely true. I don't care how famous that woman is, she definitely got them mixed up in her introduction. It wasn't just a one-off transposition; she was wrong throughout the entire thing. Her editor should've been fired. (Maybe she didn't have one?) Okay, I lied. Best moment was really eating Ben & Jerry's with Royce's banana loaf while pretending to think about my essay. What a pig! Worst moment of the evening was watching one of the few likeable characters in the second generation of Skins die a gratuitous and pointless death. This show has really gone downhill! It's already been recommissioned for two new series though, with an all-new cast to feature in it. Hopefully, the writers will remember what made the show interesting in the first place. It just feels like with the second generation, they had to resort to more outrageous characters because all the relatively normal archetypes had been used up in the first generation.

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