Sunday, March 14, 2010

Episode 538: 3704

That's the word count for the EN227 essay that I've just finished, having missed both morning and evening services, and it isn't even midnight yet. Yay! I'm becoming better at this getting work done business. At this rate, by next year, I'll be finishing stuff weeks before it's even due! Imagine that if you will. I'm pretty impressed with myself right now, although if I do horribly on this essay, you can be sure I'll never finish early ever again. I think it'll be fine. Probably not a First because I think there are some gaps that inevitably crept in because I'm not that brilliant, I'm lazy, and both poems were pretty damn long. I think it's safe to assume a mid 2:1 though, since nothing I've written is flat-out wrong, so the only thing a marker could object to is the structure of the argument and the things that I've left out in the argument, whether these be sins of commission or omission. I personally think my train of thought reflects the shifts that occur in the two poems, which have turned out to be far more intriguing than I ever thought when I first decided to write on them. Hopefully, I've done them justice. Anyway, I've just e-submitted, so my fate, whatever it may be, is sealed. Now to turn my thoughts to finish up that last portfolio for the Warwick Skills Certificate by Thursday...

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